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Welcome to Gold Medal Mixes

You Cheer, We Jam!

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National Champion Cheer & Dance Mixes

Professional, custom cheer music mixes, pom mixes, hip hop - funk, jazz & dance music routine mixes from the hottest cheer, pom & dance music service in the U.S. are available around the world for the 2017 & 2018 season!

Get custom cheer music mixes, hip hop, pom, kick, tap, drill & other dance music mixes quickly!  Feel free to contact us about next season!  We also offer multi mix team discounts for 3 or more mixes!

Gold Medal Mixes is proud to have now created cheer & dance music mixes for teams in most of the United States and also worldwide!  We have worked teams in California, Florida, New Hampshire, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Nova Scotia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Missouri, Connecticut, Nevada, Maryland, Indiana, New York (city & state), Delaware, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Arizona, New Jersey, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Vermont, Arkansas, Louisiana, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Utah, Nevada, Oregon, West Virginia, Idaho, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Alaska, Indiana, Canada, Tennessee, Wyoming, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, England, Ireland, Australia, Scotland, Germany & New Zealand

We LOVE creating one-of-a-kind cheer & dance music mixes!

We have worked well with all sizes of gyms, all star teams, colleges, high schools, pop warner, elementary, professional, dance studios, choreographers, solo's, & individual's for years and would love to talk with you about your music and how we can help!

14 years and going strong

2017 marks the 14th year that Gold Medal Mixes has been serving up world championship winning cheer, pom and dance music mixes!

Whether it's a cheer team in Germany, or a level 1 beginner pom team in the United States, Gold Medal Mixes has worked with all levels and styles of cheer, pom and dance teams over the years and we can do that for you as well.

By Ron Newman

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To all the team and coaches we have worked with over the years, thank you for letting us help you achieve your goals of being the best.

To coaches and teams we have yet to work with, just get in touch with us and let's work together to make something GREAT!

We Fix Bad Mixes!
On occasion, we are asked if we can "fix" a mix that another cheer music or dance mixer has produced.  The answer is, yes. If you have purchased the mix from another producer.  

There are some simple fixes to certain mixing issues.  There are other instances when the entire mix may need to be redone completely.  We will give you an estimate and rough time to complete the work.  

By Ron Newman

Why does it take 4 weeks?

Rush season is here!  

I will try to answer a nagging question around the cheer mix industry ..  (at least from Gold Medal Mixes viewpoint)

Question:  Why does it take 4 weeks to get my mix back?

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  • We work off the next mix in line per the ordering process.  That way we are fair to all teams that have been waiting.
  • When we pull up the next couple mixes in line, they get our full attention at that time. 
  • The busier the demand is, the longer the wait can be.  We finish projects faster during off peak season.
  • We want to create unique mixes and reserve the right to do the best job we can.
  • This is not like buying a product at the store.  This is more like creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  Artists need time to create and breathe life into their work.    
  • When you purchase a song, you get the same song that everyone else gets.  Custom mixes are like buying your OWN song, made just for you or your team.

Our advice to prepping for the upcoming season!

  • Get your mix in line and avoid the need for extra $$ for rush fee's by filling out an online order form.
  • If you don't need to work off an 8ct sheet then please get your order to us as soon as possible.
  • If you like to create the work from an 8ct sheet then please plan ahead to avoid delays or disappointment.
  • Ask questions via contact or direct so we can assist you before to find out if we are the right fit for what you are trying to do and in your timeframe.

If a team REALLY needs their mix faster... then unfortunately the price goes up, and a rush fee is added.  Due to extra studio time involved, overtime hours in some cases and schedules that still have to be balanced to fulfill the other teams already in line.