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Premade Cheer & Dance Music Mixes

Premade cheer music, pom mixes, hip hop music mixes

***If you are looking for a single cheer music mix or multiple premade cheer or dance mixes for your pom solo or hip hop team, make sure you contact us, as we have them available in single form, either "as-is" or for a small fee, customized voiceovers with your team name are added to the mix!

We never want to hear about 2 teams showing up at the same competition with the same music (we have witnessed it happen). So we don't post hundred's of cheer or dance mixes online that anyone can buy from anywhere. We prefer working with coaches and choregraphers one-on-one to find the best music that fits your team or solo. We also only charge you for the total music time, and do not charge if there is a split in the mix to insert your cheer section.

Fill out a premade music question form below to have us call or email about a premade music mix from Gold Medal Mixes.

***No purchase necessary, until we start work or agree to terms.

Premade cheer & danced mixes come in 2 options:

1) As-Is (no voiceovers added)

2) With team voiceovers

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Option #1 - "As Is" premade cheer, pom & dance music mixes

  • As is are just that, mixes that have already been produced and finished and are sold without any changes.
  • Perfect for recreational & pop warner teams and solos on a VERY tight budget.
  • Prices range from $25 - $50.
  • We control where our premade mixes go.  They may be used by other teams in the same season, but it is never in your quarter of the US.  So no more than 4 teams will ever have the same premade cheer or dance music mix
  • Premade mixes have a fairly fast turnaround time.
  • You must login or register for a free account in order to have premade mixes available.  It is free here

Option #2 - Premade music mixes with custom voiceovers added

Imagine if your team or solo performer could hit the floor with an affordable premade cheer, pom or dance music mix but, with custom voiceovers added in for a small fee!

  • Audiences, performers and judges react better and louder when even a premade cheer mix sounds more your own!  You can accomplish this with custom voiceovers.
  • For an extra $25 fee for male and $50 fee for female, Gold Medal Mixes will add in professional voiceovers from national voiceover talent.  You can find a sample under the voiceovers tab here.
  • Add in your team name or mascot (up to 3 words) example: California All Stars, Top Gun - Diamonds, etc.
  • Leave them wanting more on the floor and save money!
  • **Female voiceovers will add some extra time to finishing the mix due to scheduling.

***Gold Medal Mixes requires that you register and log in for assistance with premade music mixes.  Fill out the question form below to get started.




Gold Medal Mixes Premade Cheer & Dance Question Form


Submitting this form does NOT constitute an official order with Gold Medal Mixes and is simply a request for more information and or demo samples of music mixes that are available from Gold Medal Mixes premade mix library.  Turnaround times vary depending on the time of season and availability.  Adding team voiceovers to your mix will add an extra cost that will be stated before we proceed with the final version.  You should receive a reply or followup with 24 - 48 hours. ***All mixes will expect full payment before the final product is sent, whether by check, Paypal, money order, or other.  Paypal is the preferred form of payment.  In order to keep costs down as much as we can there will be a 3% Paypal surcharge added to process Paypal orders inside the US and 4% outside the US.

Information Disclaimer

Gold Medal Mixes appreciates your effort to connect and work together for many years to come, and will never sell, donate or exploit your personal or team information, including name, email address, etc. to outside third party vendors for any reason on purpose.