8 Count Sheet

Download a free Gold Medal Mixes cheer & dance 8 count sheet

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What is an 8 count sheet?Cheer-8.jpg

  • An 8 count sheet is a map of the routine you are choreographing and is used as a guideline for what is happening.
  • 8 count sheets are not required but all elite teams and most all star and high school teams want their music mix to sound the best and use 8 count sheets to help the team and Gold Medal Mixes make sure all the pieces fall into place when you hit the floor.

Why use an 8 count sheet?

  • Get the sound effects, hits, music changes and transitions EXACTLY where you want them and where they help the team give the best impact on the floor. 
  • Impress the audience and more importantly, the JUDGES when your scorpian or tic toc pops with the right effect on the correct beat.
  • The PDF is free, and can also help you work out the details of your routine to have them on paper, even if you don't submit them to Gold Medal Mixes to have us work with them when creating your mix.

Download Free Gold Medal Mixes 8 Count Sheet

Download your free 8 count sheer to help choreograph your cheer & dance routines before, during or after submitting your order to Gold Medal Mixes for your music. 

***The use of an 8 count sheet is not required, but does have a small additional charge, when submitted to Gold Medal Mixes. 8 count sheets are included in elite routine prices.