Gold Medal Mixes New Look

admin  ∼  April 17, 2013

Gold Medal Mixes


April 2, 2013

Just after midnight, April 2nd, 2013, Gold Medal Mixes launches their revamped website with a whole new look and feel for the 2013 cheer and dance music mix season.

With the fresh new look, visitors can also sign up for a free account which allows for easier ordering with the new "quick order".  This is a brand new feature and owner Ron Newman says, "This should really help coaches with multiple orders & returning customers speed up filling out their order and still retain all the details we need to accurately fulfill their order and create cheer mixes that make teams want to be their best!"  Newman also says, " The new website has some of the features that previous users loved with the old site, but gets a facelift inside and out and leaves room for many more additions in the coming weeks."  "We are in the initial stages, and even though we have beta tested the site offline, we know there are going to be a few kinks to get worked out when you take a site live.  We look forward to working with our current customers and are always happy to help new teams, choreographers, and coaches along the way."

Currently, cheer mix rates are only available for non-elite/world's teams, but watch for the details via their RSS feed or on their Cheer Rates page when it goes live!  Another new feature is the Voiceovers page. Gold Medal Mixes is now offering custom voiceovers from male and female voiceover artists without the need to order a full custom mix.  Male and female demo's or samples can be found on theirDemos page.

Gold Medal Mixes produces custom cheer, pom and dance music mixes all over the world since 2006, with 54 national & world champion winning mixes produced and counting!  Teams worldwide trust their music to Gold Medal Mixes.  For more details or to see the new site visit the Gold Medal Mixes website.