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"Frequenty Asked Questions"

A:  The average time is 4 weeks, when we are busy. Sometimes faster if we are not as busy. If you need your mix faster, we offer 3 different rush services that speed up your order .  This way, teams that have time, can save money.  Teams that need it faster can have it faster if needed. 

We book studio time in blocks to work on cheer, pom & dance music mixes and average project times based on previous time to finish. 

Be careful with mixers that say they can return your mixes in an extreme time frame.  Usually you get what you pay for.  Popular cheer music mixers have a que or schedule of mixes that they are working on and need to produce the mixes on the schedule and work their way up.  The key is to get your order in and on the schedule.  That way you will be the next in line faster than if you wait. 

Teams that need multiple mixes need to plan ahead as well, we have worked with cheer teams that need 10-12 mixes and that can lead to possible added time.   We also offer discounts for teams with more than 5 custom music mixes.  We want to put the best original cheer music on the floor for each team, and are not a factory that kicks them out in 20 minutes.   The average time to complete 1 custom 2:30 cheer music mix from start to finish is 8 - 12 hours. 


A: YES! After final approval, your mix is posted to a password protected folder that only you have the password to, and you can allow your team to download any of your teams mixes and save lots of money in copying fees by doing it yourself! Plus everyone can get the mix the same day it is approved and start working before the cd's arrive in the mail!


A: Please contact us for premade mixes as we offer them on a single basis.  For a small extra fee, they can be customized with your team name inside the mix as well. Visit our page, Premade Mixes page after you sign up for a free Gold Medal Mixes account, we require a simple account registration to work with you to access our premade mixes.


Contact us about modified mixes at 920.209.7890 or the Contact Us


A:  Gold Medal Mixes actually has 2 integrated studios that we use.  One is a standard studio with 28" & 22" monitors, effects racks and all the items you would find in a normal recording studio.  We also have a rolling laptop studio that we can use when we are traveling as well.  Everything in the sit down studio, but a mobile version. This allows us to create cheer and dance music mixes for the top teams in the world, no matter where we have to do it. 

We use the latest cutting edge technology that would cost most individuals tens of thousands of dollars to try to duplicate.  We are very proud of the hardware and software that we use, and it has taken years of toiling and tinkering to find just the right effects and processes, so we guard it like gold as well. 

We also have over 25 thousand sound effects, hits, lasers, sweeps, backbeats and more to add to your mix, so you don't have to have the same old cheer effects if you do not want them. If we don't find the right beat or sound effect, we create it!

Brand names you will find in the Gold Medal Mixes studio are Lexicon, Sony, Mackie, Native Instruments, Jamo, Dell, Ableton, Electro Voice, Yamaha, Applied Research & Technology, Waves, Shure, and many more.


A: In one word.... YES. Just ask. We are creative and love to try new ideas for mixes that push cheer, dance or whatever you move to, to a new level.


The quick order is a new option for teams or choreographers and coaches, that have more than 1 music mix order or are returning customers of Gold Medal Mixes.  Using the quick order requires that customers fill out at least 1 long order form (for the first order) and then register for a free Gold Medal Mixes account and then we will have your order info stored in our database and future orders may be made with either the long form which gives us more details for each mix order you place, or the quick order form which asks for basic info and we work off your previous details or past years info.

If you have any other questions just contact us!