How We Roll

Details & information about the ordering & mixing process from Gold Medal Mixes.

National Champion Cheer & Dance Mixes

How We Roll

Gold Medal Mixes is here to help teams and individuals take their programs to the next level. 

We like to have a very close working relationship with you as the mix progresses by email and phone to ensure that we get the mix done correctly.

The less time spent revising the mix, the faster you can get to using it!

Here are a few things you need to know.

Before You Place Your Order
  • Before placing your order: Please know that our turnaround time is averaging 4 weeks. You may get your order faster, but that is the average turnaround time.
  • Any requests faster than 4 weeks are considered a rush order and an extra $125 fee will be applied to your invoice.
  • We only take a limited number of rush orders and will let you know if we can fulfill your request in our follow up email after your order is processed.
  • If we can not get it done in the rush time you need, you may opt out or continue with the order.
Music CD
  • Music CD: If you are requesting certain songs in your mix, we would prefer that you provide us with one good quality cd with all the songs you would like in your mix.  Please contact us about this before you send your cd.
  • A complete track list of the cd should also be provided.
  • Gold Medal Mixes offers mixing of music and does not sell music that has not been purchased legally via online or on cd through normal methods.
After Placing Your Order
  • After placing an order, with Gold Medal Mixes your order will be reviewed and a confirmation email will be sent to you that we have received, reviewed it and have added it to our project list of mixes.
  • A 50 % deposit is required to get started on your mix. This is to hold your spot in the project que and is applied to your final invoice.
  • The deposit will also release the first half of your mix, when completed, for you to begin working on faster.

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Follow Up
  • Follow Up Email: You will get a follow up email to schedule a phone consultation about the mix(es).
  • The order form will give us a basic overview of what you are looking for but, we like to hear exactly what you are looking for and prefer to talk one-on-one about it rather than try to guess, which can lead to delays and needless revisions.
Payment details
  • Payment: Currently you may make your payment with check or money order by mail & Paypal by internet.
  • You may pay securely through Paypal with a major credit card (Master Card, Visa, EX, Descover).
  • Paypal is GMM's preferred payment method as payments are secure and done instantly so can get your mix faster. 
  • If you would like to make other payment arrangements, please contact us.
  • You may pay the full amount up front or in 2 payments.
  • Final mixes and cd's will not be sent until final payment is received.
8 Count Sheets
  • 8 Count Sheets: If your routine is already completed or you will have it ready by the time we start mixing, or you need us to match it beat for beat, hit for hit and take the routine to the next level.
  • Please check the box on the order form if you are going to be using ourFREE 8 count sheet ahead of time as we will need to have that sent with payment or emailed back to us before we begin.
  • Due to the added time to complete the mix, an additional $75 fee will be added if you need this service and must be stated on your order form before we begin.
Songs in the Mix
  • Songs In the Mix: Please fill out your order form completely and accurately and include all songs that you would like in your mix.
  • Gold Medal Mixes does everything in our power to work those songs into a mix, but reserves the right to not include some songs that will not work well in the mix.  Some slower tempo hip hop songs sound good at a normal speed but when they go to cheer speed (138-150 beats per minute) the words become too fast and don't make sense anymore.
  • You will be notified either by email or phone that certain songs are not working and we can work out others to put in the mix. Some songs are just not right for every mix and we want you to impress, not depress, the judges and crowd!
During the Mix Process
  • During the mix process you may receive low grade mp3's of what we have done so far.
  • These are not for you to use yet, but for you to hear the style and content of the mix as it is being sculpted.
  • If something does need changed, you are encouraged to let us know.
  • Note: This will usually only be on mixes over 90 seconds in length.
  • Upon approval, with clients in good standing, we may release the first half of a mix for you to get started with.
Half Way Point
  • Half Way Point: When your mix is at the half way point. Again, typically for mixes over 90 seconds or clients in good standing with approval.
  • When you have paid for all or the first half of the mix, we will post the start of the mix in a folder on our site and email you a user name and password for you to login and download what we have so far and to approve the first half of the mix.
  • Once the payment is current, or with prior approval, the security voiceover will be removed and if you approve the first half then you may get started with your team!
Final Completion
  • Completion of the mix: When the mix is completed, we will again, send you another email with the link to a folder, user name and password to download a low grade preview copy of the full mix for final approval or email it to you directly.
  • Final Approval: Upon final approval, we will send you an invoice by email.
  • When we receive your full payment, we will upload to the same folder, a high grade, ready-for-use mp3 copy of the mix and you can have your whole team download the mix directly out of the folder for no additional fee .
  • The music contained in the mix is the property of the original copyright holder(s) and is not to be shared with anyone, posted online to forums, websites, or broadcast in any way outside of the normal personal use setting for practice or competition by coaches, team members, parents, or non team members without the prior written consent of the original copyright holder(s) or Gold Medal Mixes.
  • Revisions: All mixes come with one revision to the mix for up to 60 days after the completion of the mix.
  • This time starts after final approval.
  • Free revisions must be for the same amount of time of the mix. And should not be a complete redo of the mix.
  • Gold Medal Mixes reserves the right to refuse to redo a mix should we feel that a group or individual is trying to get a completely different mix for the same fee or extra fee.
  • After 60 days or your free revision, you may get revisions for our ala carte fee of $50/hour with a one hour minimum charge.
Adding / Deleting Time from Mix

Adding/Deleting Time: Adding time or subtracting time to a mix is an additional fee due to the amount of time it takes to redo the work and will work off our ala carte rate sheet @ $50.00/hour unless approved by GMM ahead of time.

Rush Orders - Rates & Turnaround


Rush fee packages:

(in addition to mix total from above)

Option #1

Bronze Rush Fee - $100 extra or 25% of mix total

Any mix requiring completion between 2 weeks & 4 weeks of date of order

Option #2

Silver Rush Fee - $200 extra or 50% of mix total

Any mix requiring completion between 5 Business Days and 2 weeks of date of order

Option #3

Gold Rush Fee - Double the mix total or an extra 100% of mix total

Any mix requiring completion within 4 Business Days of date of order

  •  Rush Orders:  Orders that need to be returned for approval to customer faster than 4 weeks are considered rush orders and, at the discretion of Gold Medal Mixes, may have a rush fee added to the invoice.  
  • All rush orders fees will added to the final invoice .  This additional fee will be disclosed by Gold Medal Mixes before work begins and approved (possibly in writing by the customer)
  • First time customers: ALL rush orders must be paid in full before we begin the job.
  • Previous customers in good standing: Will be notified by Gold Medal Mixes if the rush order is possible due to current time of year and client load at the timthe order is placed.
  • 3 Business Day Turnaround - Gold Medal Mixes offers a super fast 3 business day turnaround but, the fee of the order will be doubled.  This offer is only with approval by Gold Medal Mixes ahead of time, and may be denied due to current workload or clients with orders in already. 
  • With these types of rush orders we have to handle our current load of mixes and then work twice as hard to add in another mix so the rate is much higher.

All rush order fees are assigned at the discretion of Gold Medal Mixes and may vary by time of year, workload, availibilty of the coach, and confidence in client payment. 

If you have questions, then just get in touch with us well before you need to get your mix done. Contact Us

Group Rate Discount
  • Group Rate discounts are available on multiple mixes - contact us for details and rates.  The more mixes, the bigger the discount.  Prices vary with the amount of mixes you will be ordering and the length & expectations of turnaround time of the mixes.
  • Turnaround times may vary with multiple mix orders and completion times may have to be adjusted and expected.  Contact Us if you have any questions.
CD Copies & Shipping Rates
  • CD Copies - As of April 1, 2013 - all orders that need cd copies sent to customers will have the following fees added to the invoice:

1st CD - $15 with a $5 shipping and handling fee via USPS

$5 - Each additional CD (created at the time of the first and mailed in the same package.)

All other CD requests require approval from Gold Medal Mixes, just let us know.

  • Group rates for entire teams cd's, available upon request.  Please allow extra time for large orders.
  • Next day and Overnight Shipping via USPS, Fed Ex or UPS - EMAIL for price at this time.