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Simple Music Cut/Edit Order Form

By Ron Newman

You've asked for it and here it is, just in time for state championships, nationals and worlds.  Gold Medal Mixes is offering a special on simple edit/cuts of single song routine mixes for dance teams and solo artists in order to have a great presentation, now through April 15th 2014. 

Why clean up your unedited song?

  • Better presentation for the crowd and judges
  • More professional 
  • Have a real ending when your routine finishes

We have emceed dance events and witnessed sloppy music mixes or bad edits or cuts first hand, so in order to help teams or solos in everything from lyrical, jazz, tap, clogging, pom, hip hop, and whatever else you can throw at us we came up with this simple edit order.  This offer is only for single song edits and nothing extra will be added like our custom routines. These mixes however will be turned back around to you in 48 hours.  You may bump up the turnaround time to 24 hours for a fraction of the fee we normally charge and get it even faster.

Who is this offer great for?

  • Solos with a small budget but want to look professional and sound great
  • Choreographers with many mixes to edit and no time to do it.
  • Parents that want to help their child get an edge up on the competition
  • Gyms that have multiple routines competing

For a small fee we can make you sound BIG TIME!

Let's get started today.  Simply fill out the order form below and either upload the song you need edited, or add a youtube link of the song you want us to use to edit.  This is only to make sure we have the proper song to edit and the start and stop times match what you want.

Simple Edit/Cut Order Disclaimer

Submitting this form does count as an official order with Gold Medal Mixes and payment is expected for all work before it is completed, whether by Paypal, credit card, or other.  The only exception for the simple edit order is purchase order.  The purchase order number must be available to Gold Medal Mixes either via email or in writing before the final mix will be sent.  Paypal is the preferred form of payment. Gold Medal Mixes will email a Paypal invoice to the email on file for the order and you may remit the balance with a credit card without having to sign up for Paypal.   In order to keep costs down as much as we can there will be a 3% Paypal surcharge added to process Paypal orders inside the US and 4% outside the US on all orders over $50.  All other orders will be subject to the order total.  Gold Medal Mixes does not claim any copyright to these mixes and offers this as a service.  Gold Medal Mixes does not claim to be the original owner of the submitted song or music and all rights are reserved for the respectful copyright owner.  This service is not available for everyone and we reserve the right to choose who we offer this particular service to, if we feel they are abusing or violating local or national laws. 24 & 48 hour turnaround will be available as long as we have open mix times.  We will notify you if there will be a delay over 48 hours if payment has been received.  If payment has not been received or there is a delay in payment, we reserve the right to start the clock after payment is received.  We also reserve the right to cancel this special at any time, without advance notice.  We will work with teams that have orders placed if they are in good standing with Gold Medal Mixes. 48 hour turnaround is Monday - Friday but we do work weekends on many occasions but the offer should be expected as business hours of Monday - Friday. 


Terms of Service


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